Friday, September 14, 2007

Knitting Update

Let's see.. what has been added to the FO pile since my last post??? Camille's Birthday Hat is finished and will be gifted on Sunday. Lainey is modeling it below. She'd sit while I took the picture and then run over to look at it.

I'm working on Kate's Reid and have almost finished the 2nd front. It doesn't look like much now, but I'm hoping it fits after blocking. I've heard that the next too sizes are huge and Kate isn't too much bigger than Lainey. We also found out that Kate is going to have a little brother and little sister in December/January! Anyone have any cute baby sweaters to suggest that would look good together in pictures?? I think I see a pair of these in their future! Chris has come up with a cute sweater, but it will be a while before these will fit the twins.

I'm starting a quick February sweater for my friend Kerry who is due November 1. And I also need to get a sweater together to donate to Hayden's preschool silent auction. I'm thinking something machine washable. It may speak more to the parents there.

It's quiet here and the dishwasher is full, so off to start it and sit to knit!


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Click Clack

I finished Lainey's hat. The pattern is Ela's Favorite Hat from One Skein Wonders. Iknit it in Patons SWS. The yarn was fine to knit with although a little splitty at times. She seems to really like it, so she'll be warm this winter. Hayden has a Noro ribbed hat that I knit several years ago that he wears and a red ribbed hat from Frog Tree Alpaca that is too warm to wear unless it's seriously cold out. I'm working on planning my knitting for our trip to the cabin and to PA for the wedding. I think I'll take the socks I'll be making for my MILs Christmas present (plain stockinette), the scarf for Hayden (red Cascade 220), and the baby sweater I'm making to donate to Hayden's preschool silent auction. (I'm also going to offer knitting lessons. Guess we'll find out if anyone is interested!) I'm sure I'll take something that needs a bit more thought, but since I get car sick I need something that I don't have to look at often.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mean Green Baby Sweater

I finished Lainey's "February" sweater Sunday morning before church. She got to wear it and it was adorable... Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures that morning, but she did pose for me yesterday! If you tell her you're going to take a picture (whether you have a camera or not) and ask for a "big smile" you get this expression. So cute! The sweater went quickly. I really like this look... 3/4 sleeves and a bit cropped in the body.

Doug took H fishing last night, so L and I hung out. We ran to the grocery and decided to run by Michael's. They had a 50% off coupon for Sunday/Monday. I ended up with a new knitting bag for $12.50. They had just started carrying them and they're cute! They also have totes, needles cases and some smaller project holders. I'm always on the lookout for a cute knitting bag. I tend to go too large and then I end up with everything in it!

I also started Ela's Favorite Hat from One Skein Wonders in Patons SWS for Lainey. The blue matches her coat and she doesn't have a hat for this winter.