Tuesday, December 22, 2009

(Almost) Ready for Christmas! (another old post)

Here's another old post that never made it to the blog...

I've been working like crazy trying to finish up gifts, etc. I knit up a Cairn for my FIL and have a Ripley ready for my MIL, a pair of Hello Kitty pj's ready for Lainey (they are so cute! I freezer paper stenciled Hello Kitty on a long sleeved white t that she already had and I used the pattern from Oliver + S to make flannel bottoms -- Hello Kitty, of course!), I'm still working on Hayden's Mizzou fleece bottoms and the 2nd in his pair of fingerless gloves. Doug is supposed to be getting thick wool socks for Christmas, but I won't have time to start them. I think he'll be happy with what I got him though (and the socks will be started in 2010.) I also worked up a few handmade gifts for others, but better not post just yet.) I'll be baking chocolate chip cookies AND oatmeal scotchies for Santa because each of my kids is POSITIVE that they know what his favorite is! Luckily, my mom is continuing her tradition of taking the grandkids to look at lights tomorrow night. Once the house is quiet I'll be rushing to accomplish as much as possible.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Apples Galore - (old post that never got finished)

I've got several old posts that I started and never added... not sure why. I decided I'd go ahead and add them, so here you go!

Well, I made 4 apple pies weekend before last. It would have been 5, but some came back from my husband's meeting. I've canned 29 pints of applesauce so far. I've still got about 20 pounds of apples left and am thinking an apple crisp will be made very soon! Hayden was a bit under the weather last weekend, so there wasn't too much cooking going on.

I'm knitting along on Lainey's socks... I think I'm ready for the toe, but need to try it on her when she gets home. (These are going to be too small -- she's going to have huge feet, just like me!) Hayden wants rainbow socks, so those will be started next. (Never were... he changed his mind). I make them each a pair of socks to go in their stocking, but this year Lainey decided on a hat and Hayden wanted fingerless mitts. I'm also making pj's this year (vs. buying them like I've done in the past). I'm using the Bedtime Story Pajama pattern from Oliver and S. I'm planning to just make the bottoms for Hayden and find a matching t-shirt.

My Ishbel is now further than when I had to frog it back. The Malabrigo lace is so soft! I've been holding it to my neck and I think this is the first wool that I'll actually be able to wear right next to my skin.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Some knitting, etc.

I'm feeling all better and have been knitting, crafting, etc. this week. I (finally) finished a little pair of socks I started for L. They were way too small, so I gifted them to a friend. I started a new pair for L in Patons Stretch Sock in Plum. I also cast on for an Ishbel with my friend, Aimee.I'm using Malabrigo lace in Hummingbird. It was a lot bigger, but I found a mistake and wasn't able to drop down to fix it. Luckily, I'm in the stockinette section, so it shouldn't take too long to catch back up!

I finished up L's book bag. My husband asked what MSG stood for... I had to explain that it was L's monogram (L is from her nickname)! I think it turned out well for my first freezer paper stencil attempt. I've got t-shirts for both kids that we're going to work on Sunday afternoon while Doug is gone to a meeting. I can't wait!

I can't get ahead of myself though. My nephew is spending the night tonight and we're making turkey burgers. I also rented Monsters vs Aliens as our Friday night movie. Then, we'll be going to the market in the a.m. to pick up several bags of apples (a mix of gala and granny smith) for pie and applesauce making tomorrow. (I'll probably be going alone while they watch cartoons, but that's okay!) I've still got all my canning equipment out and just need to wash the jars and lids and get organized. I made more pickles last weekend and may get a few more canning tomatoes tomorrow, if they're available. I feel like a little squirrel stocking up for the winter! So far I have...

17 pints and 1 quart of dill pickles (spears and sandwich slices), 7 pints and 10 half-pints of apple butter, 8 pints of salsa, 5 pints of hot sauce (for Black Bean Chilequile, a Moosewood recipe), 6 quarts and 9 pints of pasta sauce, 14 quarts of tomatoes, 6 bags of frozen red peppers, 2 batches of frozen pesto, 6 bags of shredded zucchini, 25 pounds of frozen blueberries and 1 bag of frozen corn!

Luckily, we have a huge freezer that is also filled with beef from a friends family farm, salmon, sausage, bread (when it's on sale), some frozen veggie lasagna and a lot more. That reminds me, I need to get a few more veggies when I get the apples and make a double batch of veggie lasagna (a Moosewood recipe). We have some friends that just had a baby and I'm planning to take them a pan along with salad and bread. Looks like it will be a busy weekend!

Now, for a quick pick up of the house and a little sit down with my knitting! L and I are volunteering in the library at H's school during his library time and will be working for his teacher for an hour or so after. I'm so glad that I'm able to do things like this! I remember my mom being there to help when I was in elementary school and I hope my kids have the same fond memories!

Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm not sure if I'm having side effects from my flu shot or if I've caught a bug, but I feel terrible (which is a bit better than yesterday!) I had a low-grade fever, but enough to make me feel bad and have chills. Aches, pains and I won't go into the other issues! Lainey slept all night though and came in my room at 7 a.m. to see if I was feeling better. I feel like I got hit by a bus, but other than that, I'm fine!

I have to say though, I have THE MOST FABULOUS kids on the planet! School got out early yesterday. Hayden remembered to meet me in the circle drive (so I didn't have to infect anyone) and I took them to McDonald's so that I didn't have to stand up for too long fixing their lunch. When we got home I went back to bed. Hayden turned on cartoons in the family room for Lainey and turned on the Wii for himself. I'd hear Lainey come upstairs and they'd check on me occasionally. No fighting! Only nice, helpful words. Lots of "I love yous" to each other (and me). I was able to sleep away the day. We got out around 6 to pick up dinner and Hayden informed me that he couldn't wait for me to feel better because fast food is his least favorite. He'd rather eat the things I fix for the family! I just about cried!

Doug got home around 8 from sand volleyball and put the kids to bed for me. I was in bed then and didn't wake until Lainey came in... I'm going to go get a big glass of water, 4 ibuprofen and the rice bag for my back. I think I might even be able to knit today! I don't feel quite right when a day goes by that I don't do something "creative" (includes cooking for me. I don't usually follow a recipe.) It's been about 24 hours since I had the fever, so if I can beat the aches and pains into submission we might go out to the library today. I have a couple of books on hold. Hayden doesn't have school and I hate to have him stuck in the house... although he's made a preschool under his bunkbed for Lainey. He told her yesterday they could have pajama day and he'd teach her about frogs! He's such a sweetie!

I also received an award from my BKB, Kristin! I'll post about it after I feel a bit better.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still around...

But not knitting much... although I see my slump coming to an end! I've been tending my tiny garden (which didn't do much), started a compost bin, cooking all the yummy stuff I've been picking up at the farmer's market and canning pickles, salsa, pasta sauce and plain tomatoes. But not much knitting... I even went to our LYS's annual sale and left without yarn! I have so much stash that I don't really need anything. I've picked out yarn (from my stash) and patterns to knit up a few baby things for a friend that's pregnant. I'm still working on my Lady February Sweater in Dream in Color Classy and have a few other things on the needles. I'm hoping to start a pair of socks for each of the kids and maybe Doug too!

Instead of knitting, I've been sucked into this...
It's the Bubble Dress from Oliver + S. I had looked at this pattern for a long time, but just couldn't spend the money on it (since it's been years since I've sewn any "real" projects.) BUT they had a no shipping special and I finally gave in. I decided to make this for a wedding that we attended over Labor Day weekend. It turned out so well! The instructions were fabulous and it was a lot of fun! I also got a pajama pattern and plan to make several pairs for the kids in some great flannel.
Now, for some knitting....

Monday, March 23, 2009

So much fun going on!

Now that I have a laptop I'm hoping to keep my blog updated a bit more (okay, a lot more!) My problem right now is being able to download photos from my camera... My usb cable seems to have gone missing.

On the knitting front, I've started a couple of small projects that I can't mention. I'm also plugging away on my second Lady February Sweater. I'm using Dream in Color Classy in Spring Tickle, although, the more I look at the color chart on their website, the more I think they mislabelled it and it really is Happy Forest. (I had originally ordered Happy Forest, but when it came it was marked Spring Tickle. It's just not that yellow though.) I'm also working on a sample for Teva Durham's next book! I was so excited when I got the yarn recently. I finally finished my gauge swatch and am hoping to cast on for the actual project very soon. I can't show pictures, etc., but once the book comes out I'll let you know which one I worked on.

And, I got a new knitting bag! It's a Namaste Zuma bag in lime. Thanks to my BKB, who originally was coveting it! Although, she quickly asked them to order her one as well.

I'm working on the cable for the camera and will post some pictures once I get one!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out of a knitting slump??

I was in a big Christmas knitting kick. Knit the Haruha scarf for Doug's mom, a sweater for Hayden that was finished just in time and a hat for Doug's dad (that didn't fit. I don't have anymore Noro Kureyon in the right color, so I'm debating a stripe of something else.)... then I started reading the Twilight series (it's all my BKB, Kristin's fault... hahahaha) and didn't knit for about 2 weeks. I finally dug into the knitting bag last Tuesday in order to attend Knitter's Guild and actually knit. Then, Kristin proceeds to start discussing a pair of mittens on Ravelry designed from a pair worn by Bella in Twilight (the movie.) which we had seen just a few days prior. I bit! I looked them up as soon as I got home and got the yarn Friday. I've got one finished and have cast on for the other. I am obsessed! But, I'm back on the knitting bandwagon!! Yeah!