Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out of a knitting slump??

I was in a big Christmas knitting kick. Knit the Haruha scarf for Doug's mom, a sweater for Hayden that was finished just in time and a hat for Doug's dad (that didn't fit. I don't have anymore Noro Kureyon in the right color, so I'm debating a stripe of something else.)... then I started reading the Twilight series (it's all my BKB, Kristin's fault... hahahaha) and didn't knit for about 2 weeks. I finally dug into the knitting bag last Tuesday in order to attend Knitter's Guild and actually knit. Then, Kristin proceeds to start discussing a pair of mittens on Ravelry designed from a pair worn by Bella in Twilight (the movie.) which we had seen just a few days prior. I bit! I looked them up as soon as I got home and got the yarn Friday. I've got one finished and have cast on for the other. I am obsessed! But, I'm back on the knitting bandwagon!! Yeah!