Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life is Good

My sockapalooza socks are finished! Hot off the needles... Here they are preparing for a dip... Oh, the bubbles provide a little coverage for the modest little socks...

Preparing for a little massage into shape...

And, I get to start reading the 7th Harry Potter book. I know some people have no interest, but I've really enjoyed them. My husband was skeptical when I read the first one, but when the second one came out he decided he should find out what all the talk was about and read the first two. Now he's just as much a fan as I am! We've enjoyed the movies as well.

It's been so hot here for the last few days and doesn't look like it will cool down. The rec center we belong to has the pool closed right now for cleaning and annual maintenance, but it should reopen next week. We've just been hanging out inside playing playdough, etc. I can't wait for Fall! Then we'll hit the park almost every day and can resume our nightly walks.

Just a little over a month and Hayden will be starting preschool. He's very excited! So am I! Lainey and I will have some time together alone. Right now she's very interested in the potty (she's only 16 months old, but we're going with it for now.) She's made several "deposits", but I wouldn't say she's near potty trained. I'm waiting for some training pant covers to arrive. Apparently, I'm the odd one out since "everyone" wants to use disposable training pants. I found the little padded underwear at Target, but none of the vinyl covers. Once they arrive we'll ditch the diapers except for naptime and bedtime. I'm torn between my baby growing up too fast and the "dream" of no diapers to change (or buy!) Below is Hayden with our goddaugther. He's very secure in his boyhood!
Lots of excitement at our house!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The end is in sight

What a crazy, busy, exciting week! I won a lifetime pass to the Missouri Theatre! They have a symphony, put on other concerts, work with a local indie theatre to show some movies and provide theatre space for the True/False Film Festival that is held here every year, and host many other events. It was built in the 20's and is a beautiful old theatre. It's now closed for the next 10 months while they restore and renovate it to its previous glory! Since I'm from here and we have no plans to move, they're going to be stuck with me! We'll still have to buy a ticket for Doug or the kids, but I hope Doug can watch the kids sometimes while I go alone.

I've also watched my cousin's 7 month old son this week while his daycare was closed. Busy, but fun week with him. He's just starting to military crawl and he was all over the place!

I'm in the straightaway on the socks... So far I've enjoyed the Magic Loop.I have a bit of a ladder on the sole, but am hoping it will even out when they get a bath in a night or two. This is the last time I'll be modelling... My SPs feet are smaller than mine! (Fairly easy to do since I wear a women's size 11!) I've made some stitchmarkers to send with the socks and have a couple of other little things to go as well. We need to run out to a local honey producer and pick up some honey candies to send along. I'm going to start a Weasley sweater for Lainey (christmas present) and a Reid for our goddaughters birthday. We also have some friends that are due any minute. Once we find out what they have I'll be making a Pea Pod baby set for this fall.

Last night I watched HP and the Goblet of Fire again in preparation to see the Order of the Phoenix sometime soon. We're hoping we can get away later in the week for an afternoon matinee and dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant. We'll see if it happens! Doug finished book 7 and I'm hoping to start it soon as well.

I've also continued putting in too much time on Ravelry. I have most of my stash photographed and entered. I've got a huge queue of patterns I'd like to (eventually) knit. I hope it's open to the public soon. There are still things to fix and add, but it's going to be/is a great site!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

On to the heel...

I've finally gotten to the heels! It always seems like they go so quickly from this point on. Tonight I'll be up until I get the heels turned and all my stitches picked up. I've also got the 7th Harry Potter book sitting here staring at me... But, I won't start it until the socks are done. Besides, I told Doug he could read it first.
And, this is why I've been moving so slowly! She's getting molars and having separation anxiety. Last night I'd had it with her getting up. She just wasn't happy with much of anything. I decided it was time to night wean (maybe wean completely, but since we're not having any more kids I hate to go that far yet. I love breastfeeding!) I decided to tell her that "they" were sleeping... This did not go over well! After about 20 minutes of crying, rocking and trying to console her I just put her in the crib so I could rub her back. That started a whole new tantrum. So, I left the room. Doug was awake and offered to go in. He walked into her room and told her it was time to sleep, she pointed at the door and said "mama" to which he replied that I was sleeping. She laid down and we didn't hear another peep until 7:45 a.m.! He is hired!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007


Not much going on over here. I've been trying to get in my 5 rows each night, but between the Police concert, recovering from lack of sleep and prepping for a garage sale I've been slacking on the knitting. Now that's done and I'm cleaning house, washing laundry and just trying to catch up on everything else. Tomorrow will begin my renewed effort to knit like a fiend! So, off I go to finish the chores. I'll post pics of the sock (at least you can tell a difference) tomorrow and maybe even a few of the clean and reorganized knitting/craft room. I can almost see the desk now and I just keep adding to the Goodwill pile (or maybe another garage sale!!)


Sunday, July 1, 2007


In Color is such great yarn! I've lived up to my 5 rows on each sock per knit so far. My only problem is that my yarnovers vary in size so much. I'm even wrapping the K-YO-P under/over and back again (1 1/4 wrap) and the P-YO-K the same so that they use the same amount of yarn and they still don't look close in size. Hope my sock pal doesn't mind! I still think they look good though.

And I just got a surprise handcarried back from Ireland! Doug's bandmate, Bruce, and his wife, Susan, just returned from their second trip to Ireland. We went for two weeks for our honeymoon and can't wait until the kids are a bit older so we can go back and take them with us! I didn't knit on that trip we made. I started about 4 months after that. But check out the beautiful 100% wool they picked up at Blarney Woolen Mills!It was spun in Co. Donegal. Each skein is 100 g.... Now, must, put, with, stash... Must, finish, socks! I knew Doug had asked them to bring him some whiskey (Powers 12 year for anyone that enjoys it.)

One of the kids is in bed now and the other is having a fit. We'll see if she'll go to sleep soon so I can get started on my requisite 10 rows! I doubt I'll get it done tomorrow. We're going to St. Louis to the Police concert with another couple! Can't wait!