Friday, January 19, 2007

Hi, I'm Jenn and I have a knitting habit!

I've gone back and forth about starting a knitting blog. I finally started a blog for the kids (we have a 3 yo and 9 mo) and thought I'd put knitting stuff on there, but finally realized that most of the people that will read it don't want to hear knitting... they want kid updates.

Here are a few projects that have managed to stay at our house. I also have quite a few sweaters I've made for the kids, but since we have large children (L was 25 1/2 pounds at 9 months... H was a pound heavier at that age) they've been outgrown and I don't have any models!

Red happens to be the favorite color of H. He has to have at least a little red every day! I made this hat for him out of Frog Tree Alpaca (two strands held together). He loves it and now wants a scarf and mittens to match. He's also wearing a Debbie Bliss sweater made for my oldest nephew. It's holding up well (made with Brown Sheep worsted weight.)

Our (best) LYS asked me to knit up the Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket out of Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed for display. I was in there recently with the kids and they sent the jacket home for L to wear until she outgrows it. Then I'll take it back for display again. It was such a fun pattern to knit! I've got the yarn for another, but just need to find the time.

I had a sole ball of Noro Kureyon (wish I could remember the colorway -- UPDATE - it's #88) and knit up this hat for H. His dad wants one like it.

I'm finishing a pair of socks (very basic top down) that I started well before the baby came. I just did my first moebius and can't wait to do more!

I'm working on a hat for our baby (with pigtails since she has very little hair.)

Most of the things I've knit over the years have been gifts. I knit a lot of baby things or presents for loved ones and not much for myself. I'm hoping 2007 will change that and I'll have a few things finished for me!

Anyway, I can't promise too much excitement, but if you do read this let me know that you've been here.


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