Friday, November 2, 2007

Times flies when you have a deadline!

I've been knitting away and can't believe how long it's been since I posted! It's not because I haven't been knitting either. I finished the Reid sweater for our goddaughter. We forgot our camera and used my in-laws, so I'm waiting for them to forward pictures to me. I think it turned our very cute! I made the 2 year old size and it was perfect for her (just a little big so she can wear it more.) One of our local LYSs is going out of business, so I bought some Catania in a pretty harvest orange color and hope to make one for Lainey. Maybe for her birthday....

I finished the first of three pairs of Fiber Trends Felted Clogs for Christmas. I'm going to gift them un-felted so that they can get a great fit. I'm also still working on my MILs socks. I finished a cute pair of cabled slipper socks for Lainey and am almost done with the first of a pair for Hayden. They will be in their stockings this year. I'm using Cascade 220 in bright red. I also have a pair of socks to knit for my SIL, but they may not be done on time... She might get felted slippers as well. Hayden also wants a red vest for Christmas, so I'm working on that too.

I've got several projects lined up for myself and am excited to get started. More about that when I can actually see the light! I "donated" knitting lessons to the silent auction at Hayden's preschool recently and just gave my first (of an unspecified number) on Sunday. We worked on long tail cast on and the knit stitch. She caught on quickly, but we're going to get together soon for a quick refresher.

Anyway, I'll have pictures and more to talk about soon!


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Chrisknits said...

If you are game, send my your snail mail address to chrisknitz at insightbb dot com and I will try to get a handmade item out to you in the next few months. If I remember, you are not in a cold weather clime?