Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My House Exploded

I keep reminding myself that it's all stuff for the garage sale, but it looks like my house exploded! Even my knitting room has garage sale items covering the futon. I can still make it to the computer though!
It's supposed to be sunny here again today, so I thought I'd get out and take a picture of my Tuscany. I'm using the SWTC Bamboo in the Tequila colorway. I love the way it's turning out, but it's going to have to share my time with a little something I'm making for a little friend. I'll show you after it's gifted. Let's just say it's a very late birthday present for a little girl we know (and love)! I had planned on making her something else, but hadn't run across what I needed. The new plan popped into my head this a.m. I think it will be good garage sale knitting as well.


KPiep said...

How exciting! I was tickled to death when I saw what you were making for my little Pixie!

WandaWoman said...

Tuscany is turning out lovely.

Stacie said...

Gorgeous color!!!