Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have a problem

I just can't seem to make myself write a blog post! Finally, I got a kick in the pants from Kpiep since she referenced my blog in hers. I was too embarrassed to have anyone see how long it had been since I'd been here. So, a brief synopsis of the goings on here since I last posted...

L is completely potty trained and keeps telling me she's "growing up" and is getting "bigger". She's at a fun stage (unless you count the whining and fits... I'm trying to forget them and just focus on the fun.)

H is in kindergarten and (fingers crossed it continues) all is going well! He seems to like it. He's also lost 2 teeth and is such a sweet boy. I vary between missing him horribly and being glad to have the time alone with L.

I finished my tuscany. I was planning to wear it on our trip to Chicago, but the trip was cancelled when my husband's grandfather passed away. We drove to Alva, OK instead, but I'm glad it happened the way it did since we already had childcare lined up and were both able to attend.

I also finished a February Lady Sweater for myself in Charcoal Cotton-ease. I think it's going to be a great grab and go sweater this Fall. (and will be easy to wash up when one of the kids uses me as a napkin.)

I've ordered enough Dream In Color Classy in Happy Forest to make another February Lady Sweater, but I'm still waiting for it to come in. I'm unsure what to do until then. I am still working on socks for myself (first one completed), but they just aren't what I want to work on right now. I started a Dragon Skin Wrap for Lainey, but I'm a bit stalled out on it as well. I really want to knit sweaters for myself!! I ordered the Something Red pattern from Knit and Tonic and am waiting to receive it. I also like the Wisteria pattern from Twist Collective (if you haven't checked out that website, do so now!!) I'm also finding that I'm gravitating toward patterns I can used a machine washable yarn for. I don't mind hand washing at all (in fact I just bought some soak I'm excited to try!), but since I have little ones and am a "walking napkin/kleenex" I don't want to do it everyday. I'll post pictures of the finished projects soon (cross my heart!)

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KPiep said...

Hehehehe....So glad to see you are back! If you want help getting pics of your February Lady Sweater, perhaps I can come over later this week for a photo shoot.