Monday, March 23, 2009

So much fun going on!

Now that I have a laptop I'm hoping to keep my blog updated a bit more (okay, a lot more!) My problem right now is being able to download photos from my camera... My usb cable seems to have gone missing.

On the knitting front, I've started a couple of small projects that I can't mention. I'm also plugging away on my second Lady February Sweater. I'm using Dream in Color Classy in Spring Tickle, although, the more I look at the color chart on their website, the more I think they mislabelled it and it really is Happy Forest. (I had originally ordered Happy Forest, but when it came it was marked Spring Tickle. It's just not that yellow though.) I'm also working on a sample for Teva Durham's next book! I was so excited when I got the yarn recently. I finally finished my gauge swatch and am hoping to cast on for the actual project very soon. I can't show pictures, etc., but once the book comes out I'll let you know which one I worked on.

And, I got a new knitting bag! It's a Namaste Zuma bag in lime. Thanks to my BKB, who originally was coveting it! Although, she quickly asked them to order her one as well.

I'm working on the cable for the camera and will post some pictures once I get one!

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