Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Wow! Time flies by. We've been sick (off and on), to the ER, visited the Dr., contemplating food allergies, had a first haircut, had my birthday... It's been a bit crazy, but that's no excuse! We've got birthdays for both kids coming up this month as well. A pirate party for Hayden and a tea party for little miss. On the knitting front I've finished the first sock of the pair I'm making for myself. Doug's clogs are done and being used. I started, frogged and restarted Uptown Boot Socks for my mom. My Juliet is so close to being done, but has been put aside for everything else. Pictures of these things will follow soon. A photo shoot is in the works.
I do have pictures of a BSJ that I made and then gifted to a beautiful little girl! I used SWS and love it (even if a little splitty...)
I've been making tutus for Lainey. She's quite a girly girl sometimes and loves to dance!
And, here's the first haircut! A sucker at 9 a.m. really took her mind of everything!

If anyone is still reading, I hope you're very patient!



WandaWoman said...

Nice to see you posting again. The BSJ is beatiful. That's a good idea to use SWS. And very inexpensive to knit a BSJ with that yarn choice too. I totally want to see the socks you're knitting for yourself.

Stacie said...

Hi! The BSJ is lovely--I must get brave and try the pattern myself. :)