Sunday, April 20, 2008

One of those moments...

Have you ever had one of those moments when you start knitting a new project and you have a bad feeling about yarn/pattern/color? Something just doesn't work for you, but you just don't want to admit it? I just finished my Juliet and it's horrible! I love the pattern, but my yarn choice stinks! I know that it's been done with Cotton Ease on Ravelry, but mine is way too bulky. I got that feeling once I got into the garter stitch, but poo-poo'd myself. I'd love to knit it again (at some point in the future) with a different yarn. Once I get over the trauma (sniff, sniff) I might post a picture.

As for other knitting, I'm still working on my mom's socks. I broke a dpn working on them the other night. I really torque on my sock projects (especially if we're watching an exciting movie. A friend loaned us I am Legend. Not the best movie in the world, but I'm sure I was burning a lot of calories the way my heart was racing!)

I also started the Indigo Ripples skirt out of Interweave Knits. So far, so good. I'm using Rowan Denim that I got on sale specifically for this pattern. I started the pattern a little lower (I have an issue with things close to my waist. I don't like them too low either. Hopefully, I got it right.) and am knitting further before starting the lace repeat. I'm also planning to make it right below the knees.

My husband has an annual meeting for work that is being held in Chicago in August. We're taking the train there (so excited!) and I'm hoping that I have several projects finished to take with me. I'm also hoping to get a little souvenir yarn to bring home. I may have to sell off some stash on Ravelry to justify it since the yarn diet is going quite well!

Sorry for the lack of pictures! I'll try to take some for the next post. It's supposed to be pretty here for a few days and I should be able to get some good light.


WandaWoman said...

That's too bad about your Juliet. I knit mine with Cotton-Ease, with the yarn held doubled. The only issue I had with it once finished, was that the lace portion sorta blossomed out and looked like a maternity top. I wore it twice and really didn't like it and gave it to a friend.

KPiep said...

Hehehe! Let's have a frogging party! Your Juliet and my could be fun!

I think I shy away from sweaters for myself because there always seems to be something that just isn't quite right. Sigh. This fall, I think I'm going to make that change.