Monday, October 12, 2009

Apples Galore - (old post that never got finished)

I've got several old posts that I started and never added... not sure why. I decided I'd go ahead and add them, so here you go!

Well, I made 4 apple pies weekend before last. It would have been 5, but some came back from my husband's meeting. I've canned 29 pints of applesauce so far. I've still got about 20 pounds of apples left and am thinking an apple crisp will be made very soon! Hayden was a bit under the weather last weekend, so there wasn't too much cooking going on.

I'm knitting along on Lainey's socks... I think I'm ready for the toe, but need to try it on her when she gets home. (These are going to be too small -- she's going to have huge feet, just like me!) Hayden wants rainbow socks, so those will be started next. (Never were... he changed his mind). I make them each a pair of socks to go in their stocking, but this year Lainey decided on a hat and Hayden wanted fingerless mitts. I'm also making pj's this year (vs. buying them like I've done in the past). I'm using the Bedtime Story Pajama pattern from Oliver and S. I'm planning to just make the bottoms for Hayden and find a matching t-shirt.

My Ishbel is now further than when I had to frog it back. The Malabrigo lace is so soft! I've been holding it to my neck and I think this is the first wool that I'll actually be able to wear right next to my skin.

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