Tuesday, December 22, 2009

(Almost) Ready for Christmas! (another old post)

Here's another old post that never made it to the blog...

I've been working like crazy trying to finish up gifts, etc. I knit up a Cairn for my FIL and have a Ripley ready for my MIL, a pair of Hello Kitty pj's ready for Lainey (they are so cute! I freezer paper stenciled Hello Kitty on a long sleeved white t that she already had and I used the pattern from Oliver + S to make flannel bottoms -- Hello Kitty, of course!), I'm still working on Hayden's Mizzou fleece bottoms and the 2nd in his pair of fingerless gloves. Doug is supposed to be getting thick wool socks for Christmas, but I won't have time to start them. I think he'll be happy with what I got him though (and the socks will be started in 2010.) I also worked up a few handmade gifts for others, but better not post just yet.) I'll be baking chocolate chip cookies AND oatmeal scotchies for Santa because each of my kids is POSITIVE that they know what his favorite is! Luckily, my mom is continuing her tradition of taking the grandkids to look at lights tomorrow night. Once the house is quiet I'll be rushing to accomplish as much as possible.

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