Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another Hat and One Mitt

You may have seen the little pigtail hat I made for L. It's a bit tight (I'll rip to the Chinchilla again... third times the charm, right?) and she won't leave it on. So, I was inspired by Grumperina and the beret she made for her grandmother. I was shooting for less of a beret, but not a kufi. I thought it would look cute on L. I made this from Frog Tree chunky alpaca. She seems to like it and will even leave it on for a while (or maybe I'm finally wearing her down. She takes it off, I put it back on.)

I've got one of the mitts done for my husband. I just cast on 48 stitches with some Chocolate DB Cashmerino Aran (#8 needles) that I had in my stash, knit 2x2 rib, knit 8 stitches on scrap yarn to add the thumb later, then continued in rib until he deemed them long enough. He asked if I was going to make them fingerless gloves, but I envisioned him being able to slip his thumb out and push them to the wrist, when needed. (He'll be using them when fly fishing, among other things. I can picture my "hard work" floating down the White River if he actually had to remove them.) He's headed to the cabin again this weekend, although I doubt he'll try any fishing (we just got about 3-4 inches of snow and it's in the low 20's right now.) I promised I'd have them done for the weekend. That means, while he's gone I can work on a project that I want to... namely the Wine and Roses mitts. I've worked a bit on the wrist of the first, but I noticed a problem when I picked it back up today. I think I'll have to rip and start again.

But first, I need to come up with a little hat. Doug is also headed to Springfield this weekend and will be visiting our friends Kenny and Laura! They had little Owen Kenneth (O.K.) last week (her water broke during Survivor, just as predicted by a friend.) and I need to come up with a hat to go with our baby gift. Guess I need to go look through the stash again!



Chris said...

Cute hat, cute kid! DB Cashmerino!! Ooohhh! My fav is the Baby Cashmerino. Can't leave it alone.

get stitchy! said...

Congratulations! You're on get stitchy!

Thanks so much for submitting your blog.