Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Little Progress...

Oy, mama is knitting again! I just had to share this picture since I'm quite infatuated with this little, squishy baby. Unfortunately, her brother doesn't want to hold still for the camera lately. Here's my progress on the Wine and Roses Mitts. I can't wait to see it once it's blocked! I hope the recipient likes them as much as I do (and I've got yarn to make a pair for myself as well.) These are definitely an "after the kids are in bed" knitting project. I'm slowly finishing my sock and Doug's mitts when kids are up, but not needing me at the moment.

I had a nice little break from the kids yesterday. Mom came and watched them while I went to see the ladies I used to work with and have a knitting lunch. (I was at the same place of employment for 15 years - although not the same position). It was great to get to catch up. Most everyone brought their knitting or crocheting with them. We had a pair of fuzzy feet on the needles, a couple of scarves and a hat. I've been home for 2 years in July and I still miss everyone!

As for the picture below, I believe she's trying to gnaw off the store bought socks so mama can make her a pair worthy of such sweet little feet. I've got some Gems Opal in pink panther and a pattern picked out. Good thing she'll be able to go barefoot soon though since she may not have them before fall. Does anyone else find themselves dreaming about knitting on current WIPs? Between L being up last night and weird knitting dreams, I didn't get much sleep. Maybe they weren't dreams... Maybe they were just hallucinations.

Well, off to get L up from her nap so we can run around before H gets home from grandma's house. (It's a great thing to have my mom so close! I did manage a short nap before the phone rang today.)



Chris said...

You must come to Midwest! Even though I wasn't enamored of the classes for myself, it has someting for everyone. YOU MUST TAKE MELISSA"S CLASS. Hope I didn't shout too loud. She is a master! No matter how much I know, I always learn from the teachers I take. We will have to meet up if you do go to Mdwst
If you don't already know JoLene Treace, she is always at Midwest too. That's the designer of the mitts you are making.

Roseanne said...

Interesting to know.