Saturday, February 10, 2007

Resolve Weakening...

Well, my resolve has weakened. I've stepped back a little from the sock. My husband keeps mentioning how he'd love to have some fingerless gloves to wear when he goes fly fishing, so I finally got started on some. I had a few extra skeins of brown DB Cashmerino Aran in my stash and he asked that they be soft and not too thick/stiff. I hope this works out for him. I've only got about an inch of ribbing done right now. If it doesn't hold up well enough I'll use some Brown Sheep I have in my stash (but he might have to settle for something a little less "subdued." I'm trying to use stash. Does it count against me if I tell him what he wants and he buys it? If he likes these I'm sure he'll ask that I make some for my BIL and FIL for Christmas.

Before the pestering began last night (about the fingerless gloves) I also cast on for the Wine and Roses Mitts in the Winter 06 Interweave Knits. I had some Frog Tree Alpaca in fingering weight (the pale yellow) that I thought might look nice. I'll try to have a picture in a day or two.

I went by the LYS today to get the new issue of Knits, but they didn't have it yet. I ended up with Mason-Dixon Knitting and a red skein of Opal sock yarn. H has been asking for a pair of red socks, so I'll have to get to that sometime soon.

Too much to knit, so little time!


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Chris said...

Oh no! How dare you remind me that I wanted to do those mitts! And I have the Alpaca already on hand. Must. Resist. The. Lure!