Friday, April 20, 2007

No Sahara Yet

I'm sure I'm just biased, but are these not the sweetest feet you've ever seen! I could just eat those little rolls on her ankles. The Sahara has been sidelined for a few days because I decided that she needed an equally sweet pair of socks for those toes. I'm using a pattern (changed for a larger size, etc. Basically I just used the idea and went from there.) from the latest Debbie Bliss book and some baby cashmerino that I had in stash. I know a lot of people have problems with DB patterns, but this is the first one that I just haven't liked. I wanted a little something before I knuckle down and work on Sahara. I figure I'll wait until I can have some alone time this weekend to get started.

Here are the finished socks... (They're cuter than they show in the picture. I had trouble getting her to hold still long enough to snap a picture.) They'll keep those piggies warm and feel so soft for her. I'm sure she'll outgrow them quickly, although there is a bit of extra room, and I'll have to make another pair for the Fall, but they were pretty quick so I don't mind. H wants a pair of socks as well. He's requested that his be red (it's all about red.... red sheets, shoes, sweats, t-shirts. Our house would be red if he could convince me. I keep thinking he'll outgrow the red phase, but it's been this way for 2 years. Half of his life has been devoted to his search for red... He cracks me up!)

Also, still plugging along on my pair of Opal socks. I'm ready to start the heel, but just haven't done it yet. Maybe I just need to get it done before I start my Sahara... then, I can start another pair of socks (for my secret sock pal??) before we go on our trip to New Orleans in May. Usually socks don't take me this long, but I think it's just the plain stockinette. I'm looking forward to something with a pattern and trying toe-up.



Hattie said...

They are adorable feet! Nothing better than baby feet. So cute. Those socks are cute too. I don't bother making little socks b/c my son hates socks and won't wear them unless there is a pair of shoes keeping them on, as well as the fact he pulls them off his baby sister. Apparently he doesn't want Her wearing them either...

chrisknitz said...

I wouldn't mind knitting socks for those sweet feet! It's just my size 8.5-9 I hate to knit for!
I think red is a beautimous color. Just come take a gander at my living room walls!

Jenn said...

I've got you beat! I wear an 11 womens! Why is it that the little roles and pudge are so cute on babies, but not on older women? I would be really cute if it was! (Two babies have changed my body.)