Sunday, April 29, 2007

Silly Me

We stayed up until almost 1 a.m. Friday night watching movies.

First, we had movie night with H. Every 4-6 weeks or so we either rent or buy a new kids movie, have pizza (or some other favorite meal of his), get on our pjs and snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie. Friday night was "Night at the Museum". His favorite part... Anything with the T-Rex. It was a movie that we all enjoyed. After he was in bed we watched Casino Royale (I love James Bond movies! Daniel Craig does an excellent job!) I loved the movie and I'm glad I got to see it, but staying up until 1 was not a great idea. I worked on the sock during both movies (finished the gusset and am almost to the toe decreases), but the movies were so exciting that I think I used a little extra torque with the yarn and needles. I don't do this with other projects, but I seem to knit tight on socks anyway.

Then, after dinner last night we put L in the stroller and the four of us walked to the custard shop (a little over a mile each way) to meet my brother, SIL and nephew. The custard was delicious and we got a good amount of exercise!

SO... this morning my arms are killing me from knitting so hard on Friday. Luckily, our friend Becky is in town right now (she's in hubby's band and was at the birth of L). She's a licensed massage therapist and in a hour or so I will be on her table turning into Jello! She's actually the recipient of the socks, so I'm hoping that I'll come home refreshed from my massage and can finish off the sock before they have band practice tonight. I started the socks as a gift to her for being at the birth (her massage and Doug's ice feeding and support were what enabled me to go natural with the birth) and they've taken a long time! They're ready to go home with her!

I hope to post soon with pictures of the next project(s)!


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