Friday, April 27, 2007

Road to Recovery

L and I came down with head colds on Sunday. Hers hasn't been nearly as bad as mine. I've been so congested that I thought it might take dynamite to get some air through. I'm finally feeling better. L is still breastfeeding, so I'm sure that's what saved her. I turned around after she finally slept well for a night (Wednesday night - 8p.m. to 8 a.m. with one wake up to nurse at 5:30! Sleeping was going better, then we got sick... I'm hoping we can get more rest this weekend!)

Anyway, not a lot of knitting going on and nothing worthy of pictures. I'm working on the Opal socks and re-reading Harry Potter. I'm hoping the socks will be done by Sunday so that I can start another pair (Coriolis sock by Cat Bordhi is a possibility). I'm also leaning towards a pair of Jaywalkers. Something a bit more interesting that straight stockinette! I was also looking around the other day and realized that the LoopyEwe is in St. Louis. They have an amazing selection of sock yarn and patterns! Then, when I've returned to my normal self, I'll start on Sahara. I'm beginning to doubt it will be ready for our trip to New Orleans. I may just go ahead and start on my Clapotis. I'll decide soon. I've also sent and email trying to join Destash - Cash for Yarn. I'm going to try to whittle down my yarn stash, some needles and, possibly, a few books. We'll see if I'm accepted!


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Hattie said...

Nothing worse than getting sick! Especially when everyone is sick...ugh I still remember the last time our whole family got sick, not fun at ALL.

I love destash, I've gotten rid of lots of yarn on there. Also some great deals!