Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trying to get back on track

I'm done with the 2nd Ballet T-Shirt (for Sophia) and here is a picture of Camille wearing it for me! Now, to get back on the Sockapalooza socks. There will be no other projects until they're done! hahahahahaha Oh, can I really stick to this? I've got them next to my "spot" on the couch and once everyone is in bed I'm picking them up. 5 rows each sock minimum per night!

I'm hoping to get the Clapotis done by August 1 as well. I've got so many other projects that I want to start! I'm working on Ravelry as well. Maybe I'll get a good day and get some stash pictures taken. Doug's out for the evening, Lainey is asleep and Hayden is headed that way. Better get moving on my socks!

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Hattie said...

So cute! Love that top and I bet it's super easy. I'll have to look into that one for lexi. You should check out Blossom by Knitting at Knoon. It's totally cute for little girls.