Sunday, July 1, 2007


In Color is such great yarn! I've lived up to my 5 rows on each sock per knit so far. My only problem is that my yarnovers vary in size so much. I'm even wrapping the K-YO-P under/over and back again (1 1/4 wrap) and the P-YO-K the same so that they use the same amount of yarn and they still don't look close in size. Hope my sock pal doesn't mind! I still think they look good though.

And I just got a surprise handcarried back from Ireland! Doug's bandmate, Bruce, and his wife, Susan, just returned from their second trip to Ireland. We went for two weeks for our honeymoon and can't wait until the kids are a bit older so we can go back and take them with us! I didn't knit on that trip we made. I started about 4 months after that. But check out the beautiful 100% wool they picked up at Blarney Woolen Mills!It was spun in Co. Donegal. Each skein is 100 g.... Now, must, put, with, stash... Must, finish, socks! I knew Doug had asked them to bring him some whiskey (Powers 12 year for anyone that enjoys it.)

One of the kids is in bed now and the other is having a fit. We'll see if she'll go to sleep soon so I can get started on my requisite 10 rows! I doubt I'll get it done tomorrow. We're going to St. Louis to the Police concert with another couple! Can't wait!



Redheadskydiver said...

The socks look great and with a good soak and blocking the YO's will probably even themselves out.

Anonymous said...

The start of those socks is beautiful. I've yet to use Dream in Color.

Your sockapalooza sock pal

Hattie said...

Pretty socks! I have some Dream in Color I just got a week or two ago, still searching for a good pattern to use!