Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life is Good

My sockapalooza socks are finished! Hot off the needles... Here they are preparing for a dip... Oh, the bubbles provide a little coverage for the modest little socks...

Preparing for a little massage into shape...

And, I get to start reading the 7th Harry Potter book. I know some people have no interest, but I've really enjoyed them. My husband was skeptical when I read the first one, but when the second one came out he decided he should find out what all the talk was about and read the first two. Now he's just as much a fan as I am! We've enjoyed the movies as well.

It's been so hot here for the last few days and doesn't look like it will cool down. The rec center we belong to has the pool closed right now for cleaning and annual maintenance, but it should reopen next week. We've just been hanging out inside playing playdough, etc. I can't wait for Fall! Then we'll hit the park almost every day and can resume our nightly walks.

Just a little over a month and Hayden will be starting preschool. He's very excited! So am I! Lainey and I will have some time together alone. Right now she's very interested in the potty (she's only 16 months old, but we're going with it for now.) She's made several "deposits", but I wouldn't say she's near potty trained. I'm waiting for some training pant covers to arrive. Apparently, I'm the odd one out since "everyone" wants to use disposable training pants. I found the little padded underwear at Target, but none of the vinyl covers. Once they arrive we'll ditch the diapers except for naptime and bedtime. I'm torn between my baby growing up too fast and the "dream" of no diapers to change (or buy!) Below is Hayden with our goddaugther. He's very secure in his boyhood!
Lots of excitement at our house!


Beth said...

Your socks are lovely! I hope they're for me. :-)

I use cloth training pants for my daughter - I've been really happy with the Bummis that I have. I also have several pairs of non-waterproofed training pants and I've been keeping an eye out for some good (and inexpensive) covers because we've had a lot of accidents. She decided suddenly that she wanted nothing to do with the toilet. Oh well, it'll happen eventually.

Jenn said...

Beth - I ordered some vinyl covers by Gerber for 3.99/ 3 pack from clothdiapers.com. They seem to work well with the training pants, but I think we may have to back off and try again later. She's started saying no all the time and sits for a minute, but then just wants to run around. Or she keeps patting herself and saying "baba". Good luck!

Jenn said...

BTW, thanks for the sock comment! I hope my sock pal is happy with them!

Hattie said...

You have some cuties there! Her eyes are so blue!!!

My son is going on 3 in Nov and is desperately afraid of potties. Of any kind...sigh.

He's finally starting to tell us when he needs to go though! Honestly I don't mind the diapers at all but it would be nice if he would!