Thursday, July 19, 2007

On to the heel...

I've finally gotten to the heels! It always seems like they go so quickly from this point on. Tonight I'll be up until I get the heels turned and all my stitches picked up. I've also got the 7th Harry Potter book sitting here staring at me... But, I won't start it until the socks are done. Besides, I told Doug he could read it first.
And, this is why I've been moving so slowly! She's getting molars and having separation anxiety. Last night I'd had it with her getting up. She just wasn't happy with much of anything. I decided it was time to night wean (maybe wean completely, but since we're not having any more kids I hate to go that far yet. I love breastfeeding!) I decided to tell her that "they" were sleeping... This did not go over well! After about 20 minutes of crying, rocking and trying to console her I just put her in the crib so I could rub her back. That started a whole new tantrum. So, I left the room. Doug was awake and offered to go in. He walked into her room and told her it was time to sleep, she pointed at the door and said "mama" to which he replied that I was sleeping. She laid down and we didn't hear another peep until 7:45 a.m.! He is hired!!!

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Hattie said...

Oh what a doll she is! Unfortunately for us, our daughter's crib is still in our room...ugh. With my son it was easy to get him to bed, it was maybe 2 nights of him crying a little and that was it. They are both good sleepers.