Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Finished Product

Here they are along with a few other things I'm sending... I know we don't have to send anything other than socks, but I thought I'd surprise her with a few little things. I included a skein of yarn and a set of stitchmarkers that I made for her. Two of her colors were blues and pinks. When I saw the blue beads with pink flowers I knew they were meant for her! I also included extra yarn from her socks, although I kept some and am planning to make something with it... I'm not sure what.. a mini sock? We never got around to picking up the honey candies though.

And, we found out that our friends in KC had a baby girl... Elsie Marie! I'm planning on the Pea Pod set for them, but I got the cutest little dress with floral embroidery on the yoke at BabyGap for cheap. Now I'm thinking maybe a little shrug to go with the dress or keeping the dress for our friends expecting twins or some other future babe. Who knows! Our printer isn't working, so I can't start the Pea Pod until I get to my mom's tomorrow and print it off. Guess I'll knit up a little baby outfit for Lainey's naked doll.


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Kristin said...

If you come across a great shrug pattern for little girls, let me know! I keep thinking that I need to make one for G because she has a bunch of pretty dresses that would look great with a shrug.