Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Finished Weasley

Lainey's sweater is finished! It's done blocking and I've tried it on Lainey (although she wouldn't hold still long enough for a picture.) It's in her room right now and she's sleeping, so I can't take any other pictures. It was a very quick knit and turned out well. It was nice to have a product that was finished in less than a week. Now I'll start Hayden's socks for his stocking. He asked for red, but I'm using a rainbow colored cotton/wool Sockotta yarn. I think he likes it so far.

I'm waiting to start Elsie's sweater since it won't take long. I want to make sure I make the right size. We'll see if she's growing as quickly as my kids or just at a normal pace! haha I've also been unable to get the pattern to print. I went to my mom's today and didn't know my password to log in to IK. Oh well, I'm planning to start it September 1st, after I finish a few other WIPs.

Off to knit!


Kristin said...

Finally saw the Harry Potter knitting book today. Too cute! Congrats on another FO!

WandaWoman said...

What a cute sweater! Very nice. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Stacie said...

CUTE!!! I wonder if my niece would wear a HP sweater....I want to knit one!

rixter said...

your creations are so cute. it was such a pleasant surprise!