Sunday, August 12, 2007

Knitting for Christmas

I'm getting ready for the holidays (in August with 100 degree weather outside) by beginning my Christmas knitting. I finished Lainey's dolly dress.

I've also started Lainey's Weasley sweater (it will have an L on the front). Other than the intarsia for the letter it's just straight stockinette. Should knit up quickly on size 9s. Hayden hasn't decided for sure what color he would like his to be, so I'll wait to get the yarn until he's ready. I'm also making a pair of socks for each stocking. (We started a tradition of new pjs for the kids in their stocking that they get to open on Christmas Eve and I decided I'd add a new pair of handknit socks to that tradition).

Am I the only one starting presents for the holidays?

Not much else going on. We've got playdates, swimming, etc. planned for this week, so I'm hoping to wear the kids out and have a little extra knitting time. hehehehe

If anyone bothering to read this ends up on Ravelry, let me know! I'd love to add you to my friends!

Hope this hot weather ends soon! I'm ready for Fall (or even snow.)



Kristin said...

You're not the only one starting Christmas gifts. I'm not doing very many this year, but I'm planning on starting next week. In this weather it almost makes you cringe...

Only 450 people left ahead of me on Ravelry!

Redheadskydiver said...

Nice! I'm also on ravelery as redheadskydiver.

Connie said...

I've thought about starting Christmas presents, does that count?

Chrisknits said...

I think about doing Christmas items, but then never start early enough! One year I did a gift for everyone for their birthdays, that was easier as the birthdays are spread throughout the year!