Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Little Problem (little sock)

Well, I'm decreasing at the gusset and decided to try the sock on last night just to get an idea of fit... it won't go on my foot. Now, I'm not horribly worried. I have HUGE feet. Size 11 women's, but I have doubts that they'll fit my mom either. I think these may end up going to my SIL (tiny woman) for Christmas -- which is fine since she was getting a pair of socks anyway. Luckily, they're coming into town for the holiday this weekend, so I'll be able to have her try it on and see if it will work for her. If not, I'll spend my holiday frogging. I finally got the needles for my sock pal socks (started on dpns, but L pulled them out when my back was turned.) I've been waiting for size 2 circs (47") to come in at the LYS. I got Addi Lace needles in 2 and 3, both 47". Now, if the Jaywalker has to be ripped, then they'll just wait while I work on sock pal socks. I'm actually quite anxious to get back to them. Maybe I'll just go ahead and start them again after the kids are in bed tonight...



Laura said...

sorry about the sizing issues but let me tell you that Jaywalker in that color looks amazing! (Is that STR?)
I have been really thinking about doing the Jaywalkers just printed off the pattern yesterday. I see them everywhere.

Jenn said...

Thanks! Yes, STR in G Rocks. I've also got a skein in Nodding Violet, so as long as it is used to make a pair that will fit me, and these I'm working on fit someone that I was planning to make socks for, I'm happy (I hate to frog.) I'm currently loving those socks you did in Duets (molly). I keep telling myself that I'll buy some when I finish these socks. Do I really need more sock yarn? No... But do I really want more sock yarn? Yep!