Monday, March 12, 2007

Birthday Presents Arrived

My birthday presents to me are here! I got my yarn from Brooks Farm on Friday. It's just as gorgeous as I thought it would be! It's so soft and the colors are wonderful.
It's going to become a Clapotis (never got around to making one when the pattern first came out on Knitty.) I ordered 4 skeins (1080 yards) which should be more than enough. I'm hoping to knit up a scarf as well.

I also got my Knit Picks Options needles. The binder at the top is my current storage system for circulars and DPNs. I'm hoping to hit the office supply store and see if I can find a few more of the storage pages for the KP binder. It's smaller and zips so everything stays in.

I'm working on the second Wine and Roses mitt and I've got a quick pair of Fetchings in DB Cashmerino Aran to finish up. Then I'll get to try out my new needles on my Clapotis. I'm headed to New Orleans (the French Quarter) with Hubby for a work related meeting in May and thought this might come in handy at night while we're walking around.

I also won a 7 oz Cherry Tree Hill Mill ends skein and ordered three skeins of Lorna's Laces sock yarn on ebay from Birds n Yarn . Just got it and it's beautiful as well! Can't wait to make some socks with the Cherry Hill, but I bought the Lorna's Laces with L in mind. Something little girlie... I'll have to give it some thought! (But, it's all sock yarn and doesn't count for stash.)

I guess I'm not doing so well at my knitting from stash resolution. Can I try again starting April 1?? No jokes! Do birthday presents count? As of April 1st I'm on the wagon and will attend all Yarn Anonymous meetings I can!!!

Here's a picture of my recently catalogued stash closet. The drawers aren't all full, but since I got a couple more drawer units I can open them all. A lot of my yarn is left from other projects. It looks like a lot, but I'm sure it's not as much as some. Right? (I do not need to buy any more yarn! I could knit for a very long time without it and will stick to the Knit from Stash rules.)
Here are a few other pictures of my rearranged and straightened knitting/guest/play room. Hubby has a room set aside for his band to use for practicing. I figured that if he was deserving of a whole room that I should AT LEAST get to share one. We enjoy spending time down there.
We're having absolutely balmy weather here (70 today). I hope everyone gets a taste of this sometime soon!

PS. I was just checking out Larissa's website and she has the blanket together from the KAL that I joined (my first.) I clicked on the photo to see whose squares were being used for the book... check out the square in the bottom right corner! I think I scared Doug when I started squealing! Thanks Larissa!

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Mama Lemberger said...

I was so excited to see someone had left a comment on Bacchus' blog, that I decided to return the favor. I'm totally jealous of your yarn collection and storage system. Beautiful! I would love to get the kids together sometime...