Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Birthday Boy

H turned four on Friday! We started out Thursday with a shared party for him and his Great Grandma. She turned 87. During the party L took her first steps! Great Grandma and Great Grandpa gave her a birthday gift since she'll be 1 soon. Her first baby doll (I see a few knitted outfits in the future. ) Great Grandma even crocheted a little blanket/bag for baby to be wrapped in!She loves her baby and starts looking for it when you ask her where baby is. She doesn't want it to be too far away though! Below she's blowing kisses... She loves her big brother and he'll give her a hug and kisses, then she'll turn around a blow kisses back to him! Then something like this happens... he smacked her earlier today when I wasn't looking. I heard a noise and then she started crying... finally got him to tell me that instead of gently rubbing her cheek he decided to put a little force behind it. Deep breath! It's tough being 4 with a baby sister! He did get in trouble, but we talked about telling the truth, hurting others and the consequences if it happens again. He had some big tears in his eyes when I explained that L trusts him to take care of her, not hurt her and that she might lose that trust if he treats her that way. That seemed to really get him. Anyone else have any experience with sibling rivalry? I'm open to suggestions!!

Not much on the knitting front. Doug is playing poker tonight, so I got about 45 minutes on the mitt. Now I'm going to turn in. We're having a pirate party tomorrow afternoon with about 9 or 10 little kids. I'll need my wits about me!


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Hattie said...

My son smacks his little sister often...he thinks it's funny, but he's only 2 and a half, and so there isn't much you can do. At least you can talk to him about it, nick just thinks it's fun. He's starting to understand more though and he's better with her, pats her instead or rubs her head. I'm sure it will pass!