Friday, March 30, 2007

No Swatches Here

My patterns came in the mail on Wednesday. I got my Frog Tree and KnitPicks Options out yesterday and prepared to cast on for my swatch for Sahara... Then I realized that one of my #6 needles wouldn't tighten down. I tried it on a different cable, but, apparently, it's stripped. I called them and they're sending another set out right away. Great customer service!

Instead, I started on the Green Gable sweater from Zephyr. I think I can probably finish it before my needles arrive. I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Rue (not quite as bright as it shows here). I only need 3 skeins. $24 for a cute summer sweater? Not bad! I'm using up stash, so the diet has begun. I did order a couple of other patterns from Wicked by Zephyr and the Little Lacy Top. And the Allhemp3 yarn in Aubergine for the Little Lacy Top. This sweater will be for our trip to New Orleans in May, so I don't really count it towards stash (just buying a sweater that I'll knit versus buying pre-made.)

They'll probably be here today or tomorrow. No late night knitting tonight. I've got to turn in early so that I'm not too tired on our trip to St. Louis tomorrow. We're going to go visit some friends, maybe drop by the Zoo (depending on the weather) or the Science Center and go by Trader Joe's on our way home. We need a little trip to break up our weekend without Doug.


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Chris said...

Glad you were able to take what the other poster posted in her comments with a grain of salt. I tend to avoid one sided articles about issues that are so personal and subjective. All research can skew the facts to fit the author's bias. I prefer studies that don't already have a preset theory. Same thing with politics. Everyone has a side and belief system, yet no one seems to understand that it's all a matter of personal opinion, and there is no one size fits all response.
The mitts are lovely! I must make those. Jolene is a friend of mine and she is such a gracious person and wonderful designer. I made her Keefely mittens from Handknit Holidays.
happy Birthday to the darling girl!