Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Need to Knit

First, I want to thank Chris for her support of my proposed cry it out method for L. It helps to have someone make you feel a little bit less of a bad guy for having your own needs too. We've implemented nursing before bed in the living room and Doug putting her to bed. She's thrown quite a hissy the last couple of nights, but went down without a peep tonight. She was up a bit last night, but we had thunderstorms and (unlike her brother) she does not like them. After I nursed her though, she sacked out until 7:15 this morning! It probably helped that I had avoided nursing her until that point. I also appreciated the time that Trish (her profile isn't enabled, so I don't really know who she is) took to supply me with links to multiple articles discussing the problems with crying it out and brain development. I did read as many as I was able to actually pull up, but feel that I've tried just about everything I can. My daughter is thriving, VERY loved and developing well (she's got 7 words already!)

Anyway... On to knitting! I'm having the overwhelming urge to knit. Since I haven't had too much time to actually pick up the yarn and needles, I started planning my Christmas knitting already. Since Doug, his dad and brother have each received a pair of socks (Opal self striping), I'm planning to knit a pair for his mother and SIL. I saw the Canal du Midi socks on Grumperina's blog and thought they would be great for Doug's mom. I've got some Lorna's Laces in Periwinkle that I think would look great! I haven't decided what pattern to use for my SIL. I'll probably use some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock that should be arriving any day. I think I'll be making Fiber Trends Felted Clogs for his dad and brother. I'm also planning to learn the circular for two sock method (doesn't look too hard, but I've yet to cast on... figure I should finish the current pair of socks first.) I'm hoping to stave of the 2nd sock syndrome. Doug's going to get a nice, thick pair of wool socks to wear when he's camping, fishing or just lounging around the house. I've had the yarn for them for a while, but just haven't gotten around to it.

Unfortunately, no pictures of quickly expanding WIPs today.


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